Welcome to
Indian Association of Luleå

We are a non-profit organization that aims to help representing Indian community and showcasing Indian social and cultural heritage in Norrbotten region of Sweden.

Organizing Cultural Events

Cultural events are important social events that every Indian is proud off. They consist of festive celebrations from all walks of life.

  • Festival Celebrations

    Celebrate different festivals of India

  • Indian Cultural Day at Luleå

    Every year we organize Indian Cultural Day, Our ever first event was scheduled for this year, which unfortunately had to be canceled due to current pandemic situation

  • National Events

    We also celebrate national events, Independence day and Republic day

Community Events

Our association would like to spread awareness about India and its wide cultural diversity, be it food or other things. To facilitate this we organize community events for local community to participate in.

  • Indian Cooking Classes

    We regularly organize cooking class for the residents of the region to promote and teach indian food preparation

  • Yoga Classes

    We regularly organize yoga classes for the residents of the region to promote and teach one of the key skills for mental and physical health

  • Dance Classes

    We organize different Indian dance classes, such as bollywood, classical, etc.